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Whatever your event, if you’re serving food and beverages you’ll be needing ice. We furnish clean, crystal clear crushed party ice to any event where ice is in demand – from backyard parties, large festivals and formal events. We will accommodate your event’s needs whether indoor or outdoor. Wedding receptions, graduations, community gatherings, fundraisers, company parties–whatever the occasion, we are pleased to provide all the ice you’ll need to help make your event a success

Our Party Ice is produced at Glacier’s manufacturing sites that feature innovative ice-making equipment that is both reliable and efficient. We can provide various sized bags to suit your needs. We also proudly supply Alhambra’s Premium Ice made from Alhambra bottled water. This premium ice has been through a multi-step purification process and is revered for its freshness and high quality.

The San Jose Ice Company delivers emergency ice services to restaurants, bars, clubs, and food service companies as well.

If your equipment breaks down or you unexpectedly need additional stores of ice in a hurry, we’re here to help. We can provide ice A.S.A.P. to complement your service with our great products.  With a fleet of modern trucks and trailers – we are prepared to make a quick onetime delivery or provide onsite ice and temporary cold storage.

  • 7lb Crushed Party Ice
  • 9lb Alhambra Premium Ice
  • 20lb Crushed Party Ice
  • 10lb and 25lb Block Ice
  • 40lb Crushed Party Ice
  • Dry Ice
  • 300lb Ice Blocks for Sculptures

Please contact us with questions about our Party Ice or to order some today!

 5lbs bags of party ice blockice  block ice 10lb


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