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We Make Snow!

The San Jose Ice Company is well aware that it’s not always easy to bundle up the family and head to Lake Tahoe for some sledding fun. When our warm San Jose area climate won’t cooperate to produce snow, we come to the rescue and make it for you! Our snow-making capabilities allow us to place plenty of fresh, clean snow right on grass, asphalt, and concrete!

As a specialty feature, we make snow for all kinds of occasions, events, theatrical performances, and back yards! In fact, we supply snow for spaces 500 square feet and up. Our snow-making capabilities are available year-round. We make snow for sledding events, outdoor parties, special scenes, and more. If you’re having a party and want a fresh blanket of snow to reflect a glistening winter scene, we can provide all the snow you need to make your event a success.

Call us to find out more information about our snow-making services. You may also want to complement your event with ice sculptures and carvings too! Call us today to learn more.

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